Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 5 Bro's and Hoe's

Let me preface this with letting you know how it all works. Bro's are the guys I think you'd share a drink with after the Week 5 games and the Hoe's are the guys who you'd want to kick to the curb like a cheap hooker. Some of these names may seem obvious, some not so obvious - but here it goes.


Joey Harrington
- Has looked much better and makes a great bye-week fill in.
Alge Crumpler - Gets consistent looks for an offense that won't be running on Sunday.
Roddy White
- Shall continue to produce and hit the end zone against a Titans secondary that clearly focuses on the run.
Ron Dayne - "Thunder" will rumble against a porous Dolphins rush D. He's still the Texans #1 back as I don't see how brittle Ahman Green returns.
Ronnie Brown - a blessing in PPR leagues as he leads all RB's in receptions and has two straight games over 200 totals yards even with the worst O-line in football blocking for him.
Larry Johnson - Have you noticed how many teams have ran all over Jacksonville? LJ's day shall be special.
Maurice Jones-Drew - I predict his triumphant return from the garbage can.
Edgerrin James - St. Louis is banged up everywhere .
Gus Frerotte - Nothing special but he knows Linehan's system and makes decent bye-week filler.
Tom Brady - You're looking at your 2007 NFL MVP against the Browns... ech!
Randy Moss - And here is Brady's runner-up.
Ben Watson - Will get back on his TD per week streak here.
Sammy Morris/Laurence Maroney - Whichever ends up playing will have a monster day behind the NFL's best offensive line.
Steve Smith - It's time! Carr will make the effort to find him.
Reggie Bush - First game as primary back will be a good one; this is going to be an offensive showdown.
Drew Brees - He can't be this bad with those weapons; can he?
Marques Colston - The man who helps bring back Drew Brees.
Plaxico Burress - Dyson, Revis, Barrett... whoever it may be has no chance even with a bum ankle.
Jeremy Shockey - Can't do it in on the clutch plays but gets his here and there enough to run his mouth.
Brandon Jacobs - Working his way back and will dominate big, fat, overpaid Dewayne Robertson right up the middle.
Santonio Holmes - Without Ward, what other option is there?
Ladell Betts - Not liking what I see about Portis' health. Best backup RB in the game.
Joe Addai - With the Colts being nicked up and against an under appreciated TB defense the Colts will need to win this game on the ground for once.
Michael Pittman - The guy you want for consistency; especially in PPR leagues.
Ladanian Tomlinson - Denver doesn't stop the run and he's still head and shoulders better than every RB in the league.
Jay Cutler
- SD's secondary has been torched all year - expect no change here.
Brandon Marshall/Brandon Stokely - Watch Javon walker's health as Stokely could be a sneaky play here. Marshall is really coming into his own.
Willis McGahee - The showdown of former backs from the U will be won by Willis.
Brett Favre/James Jones/Donald Lee/Greg Jennings/Donald Driver - Favre is just going to have one of those seasons and everyone benefits because of it. Chicago's D is beat up and not playing at it's usual level, especially in the secondary. I see the Pack having a field day at home.
Tony Romo/Terrell Owens - Has anyone seen Buffalo's defense lately? It's as if it doesn't even exist. I'd play anyone against them, nevermind guys with this type of talent.
Julius Jones/Marion Barber
- As I just mentioned, there will be enough Cowboys offense to go around for both of them on Sunday.
Lee Evans - He's Edwards lone option and I think Dallas's secondary is overrated. He's on the comeback trail.


Warrick Dunn/Jerious Norwood
- Another week where Norwood doesn't take the reigns of the job as the entire ATL rushing attack gets stuffed.
Andre Davis - I think Deangelo Hall is the most overrated CB in the league but even he can handle Davis as a #1 WR.
Owen Daniels
- Falcons play some pretty good pass coverage.
Matt Schaub - Welcome back Matt... not much of a homecoming party for you here.
Dwayne Bowe/Damon Huard - Jax may not be able to stop the run, but they don't let anyone go over their heads.
David Garrard - Not a whole lot going on through the air in this game, not with these "weapons"
Matt Leinart/Kurt Warner - I've heard of RBBC and closer by committee but NEVER of QBBC. Stay away, Edge will grind this game out.
Brian Leonard - Zona is tough up front and the St. Louie O-line is just awful. Please try to leap over someone though - I can't wait for the hit as you land.
Derek Anderson - A team destined for perfection just got Rodney Harrison back. The dream is over Derek!
Kellen Winslow - You may be a soldier, but you're getting run off the battlefield on Sunday buddy.
CAR or NO defense - this is a coming out party for the entire NO's team and Steve Smith. Will it top Cinci-Cleveland?
Chad Pennington - If McNabb can get sacked 12 times, what is stopping the immobile noodle-arm from getting hit constantly?
Sean Alexander - Pittsburgh is good enough against the ground game to force Hasselback to go up top to have shot at winning.
Kevin Jones/Tatum Bell - No way; no how! Ain't touching this mess with your dick. All passing in the Motor City yet again this year.
Chris Cooley - Being forced to stay in and block more doesn't bode well for fantasy production.
Clinton Portis - Don't like what I'm hearing on the injury reports, knees are pretty important for a RB.
Reggie Wayne - Tampa is better than most think and being without Harrison will put all the focus on him.
Dallas Clark - Welcome back to reality.
Earnest Graham - Sure he has the "better" chance for the end zone; still don't think he's making it there. Has zero value otherwise.
Vincent Jackson
/Antonio Gates - It's not a good situation for VJ when he;s lined up opposite Champ Bailey when the passing game already stinks. Denver also allows the fewest pass yards per game in the NFL.
Travis Henry - SD is vulnerable through the air and Henry is dinged up. Time for the Shanahan carousel until he's fully healthy.
Trent Dilfer - U-G-L-Y! Not against a high school team, definitely not against Baltimore.
Frank Gore - Stack the box and the SF offense will shut itself down.
Any GB running back - Not with the wild gunslinger back there and not without an established starter.
Brian Griese - This experiment may be coming to an abrupt end. For the joke's alone, bring back the Sex Cannon!
Cedric Benson - This guy is SOFT and GB hits HARD. Not today, not ever for Cedric.
Marshawn Lynch - Buffalo is going to be behind and throwing. ALOT! Doesn't help that Dallas is strong up front.

There she is - in all it's glory. I'll check back on it Monday night to see how I did.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 5 NFL Picks


Home Team in Bold

Arizona -3 St. Louis
Baltimore -3 San Francisco
Denver -1 ½ San Diego
Green Bay -3 Chicago
Miami +5 ½ Houston
Tampa Bay +10 Indy
Jacksonville -2 KC
New England -16 Cleveland
Saints -3 Carolina
Giants -3 ½ NY Jets
Pittsburgh -5 ½ Seattle
Atlanta +8 ½ Tennessee
Detroit +3 ½ Washington

...and we're back!

After a PROLONGED break, I will now be making a significant effort to ramp up my production and start posting at least a few times a week; hopefully at least once a day.

I've got some things lined up for the grand re-opening including a cold six-pack of Corona's for me, NFL Pick'em and Bro's/Hoe's for Week 5, NBA Positional Rankings, and a very early look at the 2008 baseball rankings now that we're all wrapped up over here in roto world after last night's thrilling finale (still don't think Holliday touched home, but at least he got a mouthful of dirt and some bloody gums).

Feels good to be motivated enough to be back!