Friday, October 12, 2007

Week 6 Bro's and Hoe's

Let me start by telling everyone to head over to to support the best thing going in the music industry right now. Radiohead has just released their new album without the use of a record label AND you can pay up to $0.00 for it. It's a great CD and it's about time an artist, especially one as big as Radiohead, has tried to transform the industry. Bands don't make money off of albums as it is so why not just release them on their own for free so that the RIAA can become defunct and stop badgering the pirate community.

Moving on, maybe you all know how it works; maybe you don't. I ran through it last week, but it's not like anyone was reading. Bro's are the guys I think you'd share a drink with after the Week 6 games and the Hoe's are the guys who you'd want to kick to the curb like a cheap hooker. Some of these names may seem obvious, some not so obvious - but here it goes.

Adrian Peterson - catches the ball well out of the backfield and makes things happen; great in a PPR league
Bobby Wade - Someone has to catch balls in Minny and Chicago is WEAK in the air
Ronnie Brown - have the Browns slowed down anyone on the ground this year, nonetheless the top RB in fantasy?
Cleo Lemon/Chris Chambers - that's right, you heard it here first; let's hear it for the Browns defense
Jason Wright - you beat the Dolphins on the ground (worst in the league) not through the air
Clinton Portis - Washington grinds this one out on Portis' shaking knees
Larry Johnson - Hope you didn't sell early, he's got a cake schedule coming up
Dwayne Bowe/Tony G - This kid is for real and Cinci's D is just a bunch of lost children
Kenny Watson - No Rudi + KC's strong passing D = watch out for Watson
Donovan McNabb - Did you see Plax vs. Dyson last Sunday? Yea, that's just a small example of the Jets defensive backs
LenDale White - If Tenn. wants to win, they must establish this kid early and often
Vince Young - Not through the air but with his feet - this kid just straight wins game
Brian Westbrook - It's no prettier in the front seven for the Jets; even Winston Justice might push Dewayne Robertson around
Willis McGahee - St. Louis is awful and the Ravens pound the rock; anything to keep it out of McNair's hands
Kurt Warner - I will allow him to throw for 50 TD's as long as we will never have to see his wife again
Bryant Johnson - Fitzy is too obvious with Boldin hurt; this kid is productive every time he is called upon
Nick Folk /Stephan Gostowski - As you'll see later I'm not thinking offensive explosion here. I see something more along the 12-6 final.
LDT - Obvious but true. Oakland gives up a TON on the ground
Reggie Bush - Has value every week in PPR; just keep catching those balls Reggie, you'll find the end zone eventually
Drew Brees/Marques Colston - Second week in a row; here's to keeping the faith
Matt Hasselbeck/Bobby Engram - No Deion Branch + Jason David as opposition = Engram shining
Brandon Jacobs - You beat Atlanta up front not over the top; Jacobs will punish them
Greg Olsen - Griese likes his TE's and Olsen was targeted a bunch last week; here's to supporting local talent
Ronald Curry - Someone in the Oakland WR corp. has a big day against SD; why not Curry?
Dennis Northcutt - Silent but deadly; really, check the numbers

Cedric Benson - He'll be on this list each and every week; S-O-F-T!
Derek Anderson - Miami is best in the league against the pass, surprising huh?
Kellen Winslow/Braylon Edwards - Makes you wonder where the offense will come from, Jason Wright anyone?
Donald Driver/Greg Jennings - Washington covers WR's well and Favre will use his lesser options more (Jones, Lee, Franks)
Chad Johnson/T.J. Houshmanzadeh - KC is great against the pass. LJ helps keep possession and run down the clock allowing little opportunity for these two to get going
Thomas Jones - Two crappy weeks in a row and here comes a third
Earnest Graham - Nope
Matt Schaub/Andre Davis - Jacksonville secondary is tough and I don't think either are as good as they've shown
Brian Leonard - Not with that O-line against Ray Lewis and company
Gus Frerotte - Welcome back Gus, didn't want us to forget who you really were
Steve Smith - He has Vinny T throwing to him; enough said
Tom Brady/Randy Moss/Sammy Morris/Laurence Maroney - Nothing good, nothing bad. Just a grind it out game
Tony Romo/TO/Marion Barber/Jason Witten - TO doesn't have much to say now and won't have much to say after either
Warrick Dunn/Jerious Norwood - Neither of these guys are going to get it going this year I guess
Lamont Jordan/Justin Fargas/Dominic Rhodes - Word on Lamont's back is no good and it's a messy situation behind them; they also have SD's front seven to deal with
Jeremy Shockey - Put up or shut up; I'll go with the latter, please

Let's hope I fare a bit better this week as last week seemed a little squirrelly. Feel free to comment on what you like or don't like; I'd love to hear it.

Week 6 Picks

Home Team in Bold

Arizona -4 Carolina
Baltimore - 9 1/2 St. Louis
Minnesota +5 Chicago
+3 Cinci
Miami +4 1/2 Cleveland
Washington +3 Green Bay
Jacksonville -6 1/2 Houston
Dallas +5 1/2 New England
Philadelphia -3 NYJ
San Diego
-9 1/2 Oakland
Seattle +6 1/2 New Orleans
Tennessee +3 Tampa Bay
NYG -3 1/2 Atlanta

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday Rundown

Just a quick reaction tonight as I'm a bit crunched for time...

Dick Jauron needs to be fired for that one. Why call a pass play on 3rd down with a rookie QB when you can just run the ball, eat clock, and take a FG. Ends up getting picked off and all hell breaks loose. Completely unacceptable to have the opposing QB have six giveaways and lose. What kind of possible explanation can Jauron give to Ralph Wilson (looking like Tales From the Crypt repeatedly last night - take a seat old man) and Marv Levy (not far behind him) that could convince them he's competent enough to be a head coach? If that's me, the man doesn't stand a chance.

Wonderful to see the Yankees go down in fine fashion. Let the media frenzy begin. I say blow up the entire regime. Tell Torre to step down on his own or he'll be let go. Can Cashman before he can screw up another off-season by letting A-Rod escape without even putting up a contract offer when he opts out (not if), let Mariano and Posada walk, sign one lower priced veteran pitcher so that Phil, Joba, Ian all don't need to start in the rotation next season, and then make some well-informed signings and tweaks instead of just chucking money every which way. No coincidence in my mind that the Yanks haven't won a title in the 7 years since going over $100 million in payroll.

I ended up 6 of 14 against the spread. This is why I stopped sports gambling and went strictly with poker when I wanna put the money on the line.

As far as Bro's/Hoe's I hit some good and some bad, as to be expected. Let's hope you listened to me on MJD, Alexander, Frerotte, Watson, Steve Smith, Jacobs, Dunn/Norwood, Leinart, Plax/Shockey, DET's rush game, Ronnie B, and Graham. On the other hand, I had some serious brain farts with Leonard, Harrington, Crumpler, Vincent Jackson, Winslow, Brees/Colston, Holmes, and Pittman.

Gotta take the good with the bad I guess but I'm looking for an improvement from myself for next week (50% just isn't going to cut it in this business).

Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Night Pick

Dallas -10 Buffalo

I expect a lot of offense out of the 'Boys as Buffalo is vulnerable on the ground and in the air. Trent Edwards will do better than most think but the Dallas front 7 will contain Lynch and Buffalo doesn't have enough weapons to keep up - even with the home crowd behind them.

I will be getting to my grades on my picks and Bro's/Hoe's tomorrow.