Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 8 Bro's and Hoe's

England's Rugby World Cup winning-captain Martin Johnson and Chelsea striker Didier Drogba

This may seem a bit rushed - mainly because it is. It's time for me to go get drunk in Albany for Halloween weekend and considering most of my audience will be there and can ask me questions then, this can only be so important.

Let me first start off by saying my Dolphins are employing one of the stupidest men in all of football and it is absolutely astounding that a man can make it this far in life and be this rich while lacking what I consider to be very basic human knowledge. During an interview this week, Channing Crowder, the Dolphins now-starting middle linebacker claimed that once he landed in London he, for the first time, realized that people in England speak English! Yes, English folks, it's only in the name of the country. Did you not attend a single U.S history class or even go to school for one day in your life? But hold on, it didn't end there. To quote Crowder, "I couldn’t find London on a map if they didn’t have the names of the countries. I swear to God. I don’t know what nothing is. I know Italy looks like a boot. I know London Fletcher. We did a football camp together. So I know him. That’s the closest thing I know to London. He’s black, so I’m sure he’s not from London. I’m sure that’s a coincidental name."

Take a minute. Just think about how many things are wrong with that statement. There is nothing further to be said here - he embarrassed himself enough.

Now onto my Week 8 Picks...

Kevin Jones - he's got the gig all to himself and the Bears D has been shaky
Bernard Berrian/Desmond Clark/Greg Olsen - It almost looked as if Griese showed something at the end of last week, let it continue against Detroit
Any and all Steelers - it is Cinci's D after all; even Hines Ward will make a cameo
Lendale White - the guy just has a knack for finding the end zone
Vince Young - can he disprove the Madden curse? Please let it end
All Rams skill positions (even Drew Bennet) - the Browns D should be ashamed of itself; welcome back Steven Jackson!
Brandon Jacobs - Dolphins are worst in the league against the rush; here's to hoping Jacobs knocks some sense into Crowder
Eli/Plaxico/Toomer - when you sign Lance Shulters to start at safety based on the fact that he already has a passport, it's not good
Donovan McNabb and Kevin Curtis - Westbrook will get stuffed forcing the Eagles to fly
Purple Jesus - he's just the man
Troy Williamson - someone has to catch the ball; he showed some potential last week to explain why he was drafted in the first round
Kellen Clemens - he'll make it into this game by halftime much to the joy of Jets fans
Coles/Cotchery - Buffalo hasn't really figured out how to play D yet
Thomas Jones - look above; this is also the week he finds the end zone
All Buffalo Bills sans the defense - this will no low scoring affair; without Vilma it will only get worse for the Jets
LDT - the wheels are about to fall off in Houston
Chris Chambers - he knew the offense and he's coming out with a bang
Antonio Gates - having Chambers and Jackson will relieve a lot of his pressure
Kevin Walter - don't know how he does it, but he's been providing great numbers in Andre's absence
Vernon Davis/Ashley Lelie - I love this freak show and Lelie got a vote of confidence from Nolan after his 47 yard catch last week
Deshawyn Wynn - Packers will have to learn how to run teh ball at some point in order to be successful; who better to learn against than the Broncos
MJD and Fred Taylor - Jones-Drew will playand the Jags will be forced to hand-on a ton with Gray as their QB
Reggie Bush - a la Thomas Jones, this is the week he finds the end zone
Joe Addai/Kenton Keith - they'll kill Carolina by enough that both backs will have value
Any and all Patriots (except one) - they will all be here until proven otherwise; I don't care how well the 'Skins D has played this year - this team is a machine

Kenny Watson/Rudi Johnson - I doubt Rudi plays and Pitt stuffs the run
Lamont Jordan and co. - Tennessee is tough up front and these backs are not that good
Cleo Lemon - What Osi and Strahan are going to do to this man across the pond is gonna get illegal
Marty Booker/Derek Hagan - hard to complete passes as you're getting sacked
Brian Westbrook - Minny stops the run with ease, the only hope is catching balls out of the backfield
Carson Palmer - just a feeling, maybe he'll have bad memories of Pittsburgh almost ending his career
Ahman Green - not fully healthy and old... not a good combination
Anyone involved in the Jacksonville passing game - it'll be a tough 4 weeks without Garrard
Laurence Maroney - here he is, Washington will get beat over the top
Clinton Portis - He'll take a pounding jsut as every other RB has from the Pats
Santana Moss/Chris Cooley - Moss doesn't get going this week; maybe he'll redeem himself come fantasy playoff time
Brett Favre - Champ is supposed to start and you beat Denver by running
Greg Jennings/Donald Driver - see above
Frank Gore - too nicked up to be effective; maybe the NO D shows up this week
Cedric Benson - he'll always be here regardless of the matchup

Week 8 NFL Picks

Home Team in Bold

St. Louis
+3 Cleveland
Chicago -5 Detroit
Indy -7 Carolina
NYG -10 Miami
Oakland +7.5 Tennessee
+1 Phili
Pitt -3.5 Cinci
Buffalo +3 NYJ
Sad Diego
-9.5 Houston
TB -4 Jax
New Orleans -3 SF
Washington +16.5 NE
-3 GB

Last week: 8-6 (Just missed on two close games: Jets and Minnesota)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Week 7 Bro's and Hoe's

Let me start out by saying that calling out of work at 8:30 when you should be in at 8 is usually frowned upon in corporate America. Further, sending an email to your boss after leaving a voicemail saying that you'll be out and having the wrong email address does not help the previously noted situation. However, going out on a Thursday night, getting hammered, almost making the drive down to A.C. at 2 am was well worth all the hassle of this morning. Let's hope I'm not fired upon my return.

Now that you know how my day on the couch started off; here's my thoughts on Week 7.

Willis McGahee - this is going be a sweet revenge game for Senor Willis
Kyle Boller/Derrick Mason - can anyone find the Bills defense? Maybe it already went to Toronto
Jeff Garcia/Joey Galloway/Ike Hilliard - Playing Detroit = QB/WR fantasy goodness guarantee
Byron Leftwich - a better QB than Harrington and gets to play a weak Saints pass D to ensure he's the right man for the job
Reggie Bush - consistent producer in PPR leagues, but when does he find the end zone; I'm going with this week
Lavarneus Coles/Jericho Cotchery - This game will at least allow Chad to be the QB until after their bye week; the Cinci D is helping to bring back the Bungles
Thomas Jones - Bungles don't stop the much either; another RB that I think find the end zone this week
Ocho Cino/T.J. Houshmanzadeh - It'll be funny to watch Barret/Dyson/Revis attempt to stop this duo
Carson Palmer - without a running game to rely on expect Carson to tear through the Jets secondary
Brian Westbrook - he'll prance and dance his way right through the piece of swiss cheese that has become the Bears defense
Fast Willie Parker - hopefully Najeh doesn't steal the TD's but the Steelers run and run often; they'll also be up a ton
Tony Romo and the entire Cowboys passing game - Dallas won't get it done on the ground and the Vikes give up the most passing yards in the league
Anyone wearing a Patriots uniform - they are playing the Phins... enough said [My prediction: 100-0]
Eli Manning/Plaxico Burress - Who knew they were tied with Manning/Harrison for most TD's between a duo over the past three years
Vernon Davis - this freak show is back and from what I hear, the Giants don't play well against TE's
Lendale White - consistently finds the end zone; will rely on more with Vince Young all gimpy
Larry Johnson - he's really got going the past few weeks and Oakland will make no difference
Sean Alexander - they'll be up big on the Rams and he needs to have a statement game to stop this Leonard Weaver chatter

Cedric Benson - here he is again; Bears are kicking themselves over letting TJ go
Brian Griese - don't throw him in there as a bye-week fill-in
Purple Jesus - B'oys will stack the box and force the Vikes to use Tavaris Jackson; plus he's still splitting carries with Taylor
Marshawn Lynch - not on the Ravens D in Baltimore
Lee Evans - really missed on this guy this year; not going to get going this week
Calvin Johnson - a slower comeback than most expect and plays an underrated Tampa D
Edgerrin James - All the Skins need to do is put 8 in the box against Rattay and a dying Arizona passing game
Tim Rattay - just look above; this guy shouldn't be starting in NFL games
Anquan Boldin - not the week to make your comeback
Travis Henry and the Denver Broncos - Pitt has the toughest D in the league
Santonio Holmes/Hines Ward - too much FWP as they grind out the game on the ground
Big Ben - see above and I've never really liked the kid
Julius Jones/Marion Barber - Minn stuffs the run and these guys cancel each other out too often
Brandon Jacobs and the Giants backfield entourage - Jacobs is dinged up and Ward/Druoghns do well enough filling in that nobody has much value
Ahman Green/Ron Dayne - Tenn plays big up front and will force Schaub to the air

Week 7 NFL

Home Team in Bold

Baltimore -3 Buffalo
NY Jets +6 Cinci
Minnesota +9 1/2 Dallas
Tampa Bay +2 1/2 Detroit
New England -16 1/2 Miami
Atlanta +9 NO
NY Giants
-9 SF
KC +2 1/2 Oakland
Philadelphia +5 Chicago
Pittsburgh +3 1/2 Denver
Seattle -9 St. Louis
Tennessee -1 1/2 Houston
-8 1/2 Arizona
Jacksonville +3 Indy

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week 6 NFL Scorecard

First off, I need to comment on the Chris Chambers trade. As a lifelong Dolphins fan, I'm a huge proponent of the move. The Dolphins are cooked for this year and well into next year and getting a 2nd round draft pick for a guy who has been wildly inconsistent and has lacked the discipline and willpower to make himself better is great. When the year is done, they might as well do all they can to move Jason Taylor and if possible Zach Thomas to get any first-day draft picks and cut tons of money. That's about all that's of any value on the Phins sans Ronnie B. Further, let me announce to the world the official start of the Ted Ginn Jr. era in Miami and the kickoff of operation: Miami Tanking for #1 pick. Can't say it was the smartest pick but they did all I asked in avoiding Brady Quinn. He hasn't shown all that much although a 30 YPC average is quite impressive, albeit 3 receptions. Let's hope the kid pans out and all the critics can be silenced but I'm not holding my breath - we've had our fair share of disappointments. On another note, I'm still undecided whether it should be Andre Woodson, Tim Tebow, or Brian Brohm at #1 next year but I'm leaning toward Woodson.

Moving on, Week 6 was quite a recovery for me with the exception of the complete miss on the NE/Dallas game. So much for defense showing up. The Pats are just a machine and are playing football in its purest and most beautiful form.So here's the recap:

Couldn't have been more spot on with the Purple Jesus (Adrian Peterson), LDT, Tony Gonzalez, LJ, and Westbrook but it doesn't end there. I went out on a limb with Cleo Lemon and I think 4 TD's answers that question. I saw the Brees comeback on it's way and knew Engram could fill-in for Branch no questions asked. Not huge game for White, McGahee, Bush, or Wright but all had either a TD or 100 yards; can't complain about that kind of fantasy production. Even backed Greg Olsen and he pulled through. On the stay away half, you would have done fine to listen to me on Benson (obviously), Frerotte (like teh Ravens weren't gonna eat this guy up), Brian Leonard, and the top GB receivers as well as Matt Schaub, Tony Romo, Witten, Barber, and the mess of a running game in Oakland. Let's not forget the soon to be replaced Warrick Dunn.

Now that I'm done tooting my horn, I wasn't exactly perfect. Can't say Bobby Wade, Bryant Johnson, Colston, Northuctt, or Bowe did anything spectacular; heck, some barely bothered to show up. Missed the boat on Braylon Edwards, Steve Smith, and Houshy; although I'm sure none of you benched them on my advice (not even I did). Brady, Moss and the Patriots looked god-like, Norwood broke one big run to ruin my day, Thomas Jones found his gaps against the Eagles while Derek Anderson continued his breakout year ripping up the Dolphins formerly stellar secondary.

Overall, I ended the week 32-16-8 (the 8 pushes being due to borderline performance or unforeseen injury).
Pushes - Chambers, Vince Young, Warner, Ronald Curry, Nick Folk, Ocho Cinco, Jacobs, and Shockey.
I'll take 2 out of every 3 picks anytime for a nice 66% right on the week - much improved from the 50% of last week.

Also, went 7-4-2 against the spread; too bad I didn't lay down some bones.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Top 100 Recap

Dwight Howard - the free throw issue looks like it's getting better and this kid is a monster on the glass... WATCH OUT
Luol Deng - position flexibility and a guy who gives you everything
David West - people will forget about him; remind them by stealing him
Mike Miller - the kid can shoot well and do other things well too
Andrew Bynum - I think we have one of the NBA's premier big men in the making; so sure you want to leave Kobe?
Shane Battier - so under appreciated in fantasy terms
Robert Swift - will get blocks and PT; people will forget as he missed all of last year
Marvin Williams - a great young player on a good young team; just spewing potential

Rashard Lewis - just got a fat contract and is already looking brittle
Carlos Boozer - sad to say but his son's health issues will bother him all season; also may have lost C eligibility in your league
Brandon Roy - the heel is still bothering him; always a chance of surgery
Raymond Felton - his FG% will kill you
Andris Biedrins - just don't think he follows up his breakout season as well
Monta Ellis - so many breakout sleepers on this team to take his spot and he's not fully healthy
Jason Terry - already talks of not starting and the Mavs just gave Devin Harris big money

Keep an Eye On
Acie Law - could end up being ATL's starting PG
Trevor Ariza - Athletic and will see time; look for boards and steals here
Tyrus Thomas - should lock up the starting PF spot in Chi-town; jsut hope Joe Smith doesn't make an appearance
Al Horford - never big on rookies but this kid is built and may take the job
Channing Frye - No Oden = playing time for this soft big man

Stay Away
Dwayne Wade - why pay a second round price for a guy who is at most going to give you 60 games
Greg Oden - just another warning; not even as a end game pick
Elton Brand - let someone else take a chance that he MIGHT make it back this year

NBA Top 100

1 LeBron James, Cle, SF
2 Kobe Bryant, LAL, SG
3 Kevin Garnett, Bos, F
4 Shawn Marion, Pho, SF
5 Dirk Nowitzki, Dal, PF
6 Steve Nash, Pho, PG
7 Gilbert Arenas, Was, PG
8 Amare Stoudemire, Pho,FC
9 Yao Ming, Hou, C
10 Jason Kidd, NJ, PG
11 Pau Gasol, Mem, PF,C
12 Tim Duncan, SA, PF,C
13 Chris Paul, NOK, PG
14 Josh Smith, Atl, GF
15 Chris Bosh, Tor, PF,C
16 Andre Iguodala, Phi, GF
17 Paul Pierce, Bos, GF
18 Vince Carter, NJ, SG,SF
19 Dwight Howard, Orl, PFC
20 Ray Allen, Bos, SG
21 Gerald Wallace, Cha, GF
22 Allen Iverson, Den, PG
23 Al Jefferson, Min, FC
24 Deron Williams, Utah, PG
25 Joe Johnson, Atl, G
26 Dwyane Wade, Mia, G
27 Rashard Lewis, Orl, SF
28 Marcus Camby, Den, C
29 Chauncey Billups, Det, PG
30 Baron Davis, GS, PG
31 Josh Howard, Dal, SG, SF
32 Caron Butler, Was, F
33 Michael Redd, Mil, SG
34 Luol Deng, Chi, F
35 Jermaine O'Neal, Ind, FC
36 Carmelo Anthony, Den, SF
37 Emeka Okafor, Cha, PFC
38 Carlos Boozer, Utah, FC
39 Tracy McGrady, Hou, SG,SF
40 Jason Richardson, Cha, GF
41 Kevin Martin, Sac, SG
42 Ron Artest, Sac, F
43 Antawn Jamison, Was, F
44 Kevin Durant, Sea, F
45 Kirk Hinrich, Chi, PG
46 Andrei Kirilenko, Utah, F
47 Mehmet Okur, Utah, C
48 David West, NOK, PF
49 Brandon Roy, Por, G
50 Tyson Chandler, NO, C
51 Mike Miller, Mem, GF
52 Lamar Odom, LAL, F
53 Rasheed Wallace, Det, PF
54 Mike Bibby, Sac, PG
55 Leandro Barbosa, Pho, G
56 Manu Ginobili, SA, SG
57 Andre Miller, Phi, PG
58 Tony Parker, SA, PG
59 Ben Gordon, Chi, G
60 Andris Biedrins, GS, C
61 Richard Hamilton, Det, SG
62 Jason Terry, Dal, PG
63 LaMarcus Aldridge, Por, FC
64 Zach Randolph, NY, PF
65 Ricky Davis, Min, GF
66 Ben Wallace, Chi, C
67 Randy Foye, Min, G
68 Richard Jefferson, NJ, SF
69 Raymond Felton, Cha, PG
70 Stephon Marbury, NY, PG
71 Corey Maggette, LAC, GF
72 Danny Granger, Ind, F
73 Monta Ellis, GS, G
74 Mo Williams, Mil, PG
75 Shane Battier, Hou, GF
76 Andrea Bargnani, Tor, F
77 Samuel Dalembert, Phi, C
78 T.J. Ford, Tor, PG
79 David Lee, NY, PF
80 Andrew Bynum, LAL, C
81 Peja Stojakovic, NO, SF
82 Rajon Rondo, Bos, PG
83 Rudy Gay, Mem, GF
84 Al Harrington, GS, FC
85 Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Cle, C
86 Andrew Bogut, Mil, C
87 Jameer Nelson, PG, Orl
88 Tayshaun Prince, Det, SF
89 Jamal Crawford, NY, G
90 Darko Milicic, Mem, FC
91 Stephen Jackson, GS, GF
92 Brad Miller, Sac, C
93 Boris Diaw, Pho, FC
94 Chris Kaman, Lac, C
95 Troy Murphy, Ind, FC
96 Raja Bell, Pho, SG
97 Josh Childress, Atl, GF
98 Marvin Williams, Atl, F
99 Robert Swift, Sea, C
100 Charlie Villanueva, Mil, F

Close Calls: Shaquille O'Neal, Tyrus Thomas, Eddy Curry, Morris Peterson, Luke Walton, Anthony Parker, Nenad Krstic, Devin Harris

Later tonight I will hopefully be able to put together some highlight's of this Top 100 list as well as add my $.02 on sleepers, busts, and straight out avoids for draft day. I also hope to put together my weekly scorecard for Week 6 in the NFL as I did pretty well other than the swing and miss on the Pats/'Boys game.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Week 6 Bro's and Hoe's

Let me start by telling everyone to head over to to support the best thing going in the music industry right now. Radiohead has just released their new album without the use of a record label AND you can pay up to $0.00 for it. It's a great CD and it's about time an artist, especially one as big as Radiohead, has tried to transform the industry. Bands don't make money off of albums as it is so why not just release them on their own for free so that the RIAA can become defunct and stop badgering the pirate community.

Moving on, maybe you all know how it works; maybe you don't. I ran through it last week, but it's not like anyone was reading. Bro's are the guys I think you'd share a drink with after the Week 6 games and the Hoe's are the guys who you'd want to kick to the curb like a cheap hooker. Some of these names may seem obvious, some not so obvious - but here it goes.

Adrian Peterson - catches the ball well out of the backfield and makes things happen; great in a PPR league
Bobby Wade - Someone has to catch balls in Minny and Chicago is WEAK in the air
Ronnie Brown - have the Browns slowed down anyone on the ground this year, nonetheless the top RB in fantasy?
Cleo Lemon/Chris Chambers - that's right, you heard it here first; let's hear it for the Browns defense
Jason Wright - you beat the Dolphins on the ground (worst in the league) not through the air
Clinton Portis - Washington grinds this one out on Portis' shaking knees
Larry Johnson - Hope you didn't sell early, he's got a cake schedule coming up
Dwayne Bowe/Tony G - This kid is for real and Cinci's D is just a bunch of lost children
Kenny Watson - No Rudi + KC's strong passing D = watch out for Watson
Donovan McNabb - Did you see Plax vs. Dyson last Sunday? Yea, that's just a small example of the Jets defensive backs
LenDale White - If Tenn. wants to win, they must establish this kid early and often
Vince Young - Not through the air but with his feet - this kid just straight wins game
Brian Westbrook - It's no prettier in the front seven for the Jets; even Winston Justice might push Dewayne Robertson around
Willis McGahee - St. Louis is awful and the Ravens pound the rock; anything to keep it out of McNair's hands
Kurt Warner - I will allow him to throw for 50 TD's as long as we will never have to see his wife again
Bryant Johnson - Fitzy is too obvious with Boldin hurt; this kid is productive every time he is called upon
Nick Folk /Stephan Gostowski - As you'll see later I'm not thinking offensive explosion here. I see something more along the 12-6 final.
LDT - Obvious but true. Oakland gives up a TON on the ground
Reggie Bush - Has value every week in PPR; just keep catching those balls Reggie, you'll find the end zone eventually
Drew Brees/Marques Colston - Second week in a row; here's to keeping the faith
Matt Hasselbeck/Bobby Engram - No Deion Branch + Jason David as opposition = Engram shining
Brandon Jacobs - You beat Atlanta up front not over the top; Jacobs will punish them
Greg Olsen - Griese likes his TE's and Olsen was targeted a bunch last week; here's to supporting local talent
Ronald Curry - Someone in the Oakland WR corp. has a big day against SD; why not Curry?
Dennis Northcutt - Silent but deadly; really, check the numbers

Cedric Benson - He'll be on this list each and every week; S-O-F-T!
Derek Anderson - Miami is best in the league against the pass, surprising huh?
Kellen Winslow/Braylon Edwards - Makes you wonder where the offense will come from, Jason Wright anyone?
Donald Driver/Greg Jennings - Washington covers WR's well and Favre will use his lesser options more (Jones, Lee, Franks)
Chad Johnson/T.J. Houshmanzadeh - KC is great against the pass. LJ helps keep possession and run down the clock allowing little opportunity for these two to get going
Thomas Jones - Two crappy weeks in a row and here comes a third
Earnest Graham - Nope
Matt Schaub/Andre Davis - Jacksonville secondary is tough and I don't think either are as good as they've shown
Brian Leonard - Not with that O-line against Ray Lewis and company
Gus Frerotte - Welcome back Gus, didn't want us to forget who you really were
Steve Smith - He has Vinny T throwing to him; enough said
Tom Brady/Randy Moss/Sammy Morris/Laurence Maroney - Nothing good, nothing bad. Just a grind it out game
Tony Romo/TO/Marion Barber/Jason Witten - TO doesn't have much to say now and won't have much to say after either
Warrick Dunn/Jerious Norwood - Neither of these guys are going to get it going this year I guess
Lamont Jordan/Justin Fargas/Dominic Rhodes - Word on Lamont's back is no good and it's a messy situation behind them; they also have SD's front seven to deal with
Jeremy Shockey - Put up or shut up; I'll go with the latter, please

Let's hope I fare a bit better this week as last week seemed a little squirrelly. Feel free to comment on what you like or don't like; I'd love to hear it.

Week 6 Picks

Home Team in Bold

Arizona -4 Carolina
Baltimore - 9 1/2 St. Louis
Minnesota +5 Chicago
+3 Cinci
Miami +4 1/2 Cleveland
Washington +3 Green Bay
Jacksonville -6 1/2 Houston
Dallas +5 1/2 New England
Philadelphia -3 NYJ
San Diego
-9 1/2 Oakland
Seattle +6 1/2 New Orleans
Tennessee +3 Tampa Bay
NYG -3 1/2 Atlanta

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday Rundown

Just a quick reaction tonight as I'm a bit crunched for time...

Dick Jauron needs to be fired for that one. Why call a pass play on 3rd down with a rookie QB when you can just run the ball, eat clock, and take a FG. Ends up getting picked off and all hell breaks loose. Completely unacceptable to have the opposing QB have six giveaways and lose. What kind of possible explanation can Jauron give to Ralph Wilson (looking like Tales From the Crypt repeatedly last night - take a seat old man) and Marv Levy (not far behind him) that could convince them he's competent enough to be a head coach? If that's me, the man doesn't stand a chance.

Wonderful to see the Yankees go down in fine fashion. Let the media frenzy begin. I say blow up the entire regime. Tell Torre to step down on his own or he'll be let go. Can Cashman before he can screw up another off-season by letting A-Rod escape without even putting up a contract offer when he opts out (not if), let Mariano and Posada walk, sign one lower priced veteran pitcher so that Phil, Joba, Ian all don't need to start in the rotation next season, and then make some well-informed signings and tweaks instead of just chucking money every which way. No coincidence in my mind that the Yanks haven't won a title in the 7 years since going over $100 million in payroll.

I ended up 6 of 14 against the spread. This is why I stopped sports gambling and went strictly with poker when I wanna put the money on the line.

As far as Bro's/Hoe's I hit some good and some bad, as to be expected. Let's hope you listened to me on MJD, Alexander, Frerotte, Watson, Steve Smith, Jacobs, Dunn/Norwood, Leinart, Plax/Shockey, DET's rush game, Ronnie B, and Graham. On the other hand, I had some serious brain farts with Leonard, Harrington, Crumpler, Vincent Jackson, Winslow, Brees/Colston, Holmes, and Pittman.

Gotta take the good with the bad I guess but I'm looking for an improvement from myself for next week (50% just isn't going to cut it in this business).

Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Night Pick

Dallas -10 Buffalo

I expect a lot of offense out of the 'Boys as Buffalo is vulnerable on the ground and in the air. Trent Edwards will do better than most think but the Dallas front 7 will contain Lynch and Buffalo doesn't have enough weapons to keep up - even with the home crowd behind them.

I will be getting to my grades on my picks and Bro's/Hoe's tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 5 Bro's and Hoe's

Let me preface this with letting you know how it all works. Bro's are the guys I think you'd share a drink with after the Week 5 games and the Hoe's are the guys who you'd want to kick to the curb like a cheap hooker. Some of these names may seem obvious, some not so obvious - but here it goes.


Joey Harrington
- Has looked much better and makes a great bye-week fill in.
Alge Crumpler - Gets consistent looks for an offense that won't be running on Sunday.
Roddy White
- Shall continue to produce and hit the end zone against a Titans secondary that clearly focuses on the run.
Ron Dayne - "Thunder" will rumble against a porous Dolphins rush D. He's still the Texans #1 back as I don't see how brittle Ahman Green returns.
Ronnie Brown - a blessing in PPR leagues as he leads all RB's in receptions and has two straight games over 200 totals yards even with the worst O-line in football blocking for him.
Larry Johnson - Have you noticed how many teams have ran all over Jacksonville? LJ's day shall be special.
Maurice Jones-Drew - I predict his triumphant return from the garbage can.
Edgerrin James - St. Louis is banged up everywhere .
Gus Frerotte - Nothing special but he knows Linehan's system and makes decent bye-week filler.
Tom Brady - You're looking at your 2007 NFL MVP against the Browns... ech!
Randy Moss - And here is Brady's runner-up.
Ben Watson - Will get back on his TD per week streak here.
Sammy Morris/Laurence Maroney - Whichever ends up playing will have a monster day behind the NFL's best offensive line.
Steve Smith - It's time! Carr will make the effort to find him.
Reggie Bush - First game as primary back will be a good one; this is going to be an offensive showdown.
Drew Brees - He can't be this bad with those weapons; can he?
Marques Colston - The man who helps bring back Drew Brees.
Plaxico Burress - Dyson, Revis, Barrett... whoever it may be has no chance even with a bum ankle.
Jeremy Shockey - Can't do it in on the clutch plays but gets his here and there enough to run his mouth.
Brandon Jacobs - Working his way back and will dominate big, fat, overpaid Dewayne Robertson right up the middle.
Santonio Holmes - Without Ward, what other option is there?
Ladell Betts - Not liking what I see about Portis' health. Best backup RB in the game.
Joe Addai - With the Colts being nicked up and against an under appreciated TB defense the Colts will need to win this game on the ground for once.
Michael Pittman - The guy you want for consistency; especially in PPR leagues.
Ladanian Tomlinson - Denver doesn't stop the run and he's still head and shoulders better than every RB in the league.
Jay Cutler
- SD's secondary has been torched all year - expect no change here.
Brandon Marshall/Brandon Stokely - Watch Javon walker's health as Stokely could be a sneaky play here. Marshall is really coming into his own.
Willis McGahee - The showdown of former backs from the U will be won by Willis.
Brett Favre/James Jones/Donald Lee/Greg Jennings/Donald Driver - Favre is just going to have one of those seasons and everyone benefits because of it. Chicago's D is beat up and not playing at it's usual level, especially in the secondary. I see the Pack having a field day at home.
Tony Romo/Terrell Owens - Has anyone seen Buffalo's defense lately? It's as if it doesn't even exist. I'd play anyone against them, nevermind guys with this type of talent.
Julius Jones/Marion Barber
- As I just mentioned, there will be enough Cowboys offense to go around for both of them on Sunday.
Lee Evans - He's Edwards lone option and I think Dallas's secondary is overrated. He's on the comeback trail.


Warrick Dunn/Jerious Norwood
- Another week where Norwood doesn't take the reigns of the job as the entire ATL rushing attack gets stuffed.
Andre Davis - I think Deangelo Hall is the most overrated CB in the league but even he can handle Davis as a #1 WR.
Owen Daniels
- Falcons play some pretty good pass coverage.
Matt Schaub - Welcome back Matt... not much of a homecoming party for you here.
Dwayne Bowe/Damon Huard - Jax may not be able to stop the run, but they don't let anyone go over their heads.
David Garrard - Not a whole lot going on through the air in this game, not with these "weapons"
Matt Leinart/Kurt Warner - I've heard of RBBC and closer by committee but NEVER of QBBC. Stay away, Edge will grind this game out.
Brian Leonard - Zona is tough up front and the St. Louie O-line is just awful. Please try to leap over someone though - I can't wait for the hit as you land.
Derek Anderson - A team destined for perfection just got Rodney Harrison back. The dream is over Derek!
Kellen Winslow - You may be a soldier, but you're getting run off the battlefield on Sunday buddy.
CAR or NO defense - this is a coming out party for the entire NO's team and Steve Smith. Will it top Cinci-Cleveland?
Chad Pennington - If McNabb can get sacked 12 times, what is stopping the immobile noodle-arm from getting hit constantly?
Sean Alexander - Pittsburgh is good enough against the ground game to force Hasselback to go up top to have shot at winning.
Kevin Jones/Tatum Bell - No way; no how! Ain't touching this mess with your dick. All passing in the Motor City yet again this year.
Chris Cooley - Being forced to stay in and block more doesn't bode well for fantasy production.
Clinton Portis - Don't like what I'm hearing on the injury reports, knees are pretty important for a RB.
Reggie Wayne - Tampa is better than most think and being without Harrison will put all the focus on him.
Dallas Clark - Welcome back to reality.
Earnest Graham - Sure he has the "better" chance for the end zone; still don't think he's making it there. Has zero value otherwise.
Vincent Jackson
/Antonio Gates - It's not a good situation for VJ when he;s lined up opposite Champ Bailey when the passing game already stinks. Denver also allows the fewest pass yards per game in the NFL.
Travis Henry - SD is vulnerable through the air and Henry is dinged up. Time for the Shanahan carousel until he's fully healthy.
Trent Dilfer - U-G-L-Y! Not against a high school team, definitely not against Baltimore.
Frank Gore - Stack the box and the SF offense will shut itself down.
Any GB running back - Not with the wild gunslinger back there and not without an established starter.
Brian Griese - This experiment may be coming to an abrupt end. For the joke's alone, bring back the Sex Cannon!
Cedric Benson - This guy is SOFT and GB hits HARD. Not today, not ever for Cedric.
Marshawn Lynch - Buffalo is going to be behind and throwing. ALOT! Doesn't help that Dallas is strong up front.

There she is - in all it's glory. I'll check back on it Monday night to see how I did.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 5 NFL Picks


Home Team in Bold

Arizona -3 St. Louis
Baltimore -3 San Francisco
Denver -1 ½ San Diego
Green Bay -3 Chicago
Miami +5 ½ Houston
Tampa Bay +10 Indy
Jacksonville -2 KC
New England -16 Cleveland
Saints -3 Carolina
Giants -3 ½ NY Jets
Pittsburgh -5 ½ Seattle
Atlanta +8 ½ Tennessee
Detroit +3 ½ Washington

...and we're back!

After a PROLONGED break, I will now be making a significant effort to ramp up my production and start posting at least a few times a week; hopefully at least once a day.

I've got some things lined up for the grand re-opening including a cold six-pack of Corona's for me, NFL Pick'em and Bro's/Hoe's for Week 5, NBA Positional Rankings, and a very early look at the 2008 baseball rankings now that we're all wrapped up over here in roto world after last night's thrilling finale (still don't think Holliday touched home, but at least he got a mouthful of dirt and some bloody gums).

Feels good to be motivated enough to be back!