Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week 6 NFL Scorecard

First off, I need to comment on the Chris Chambers trade. As a lifelong Dolphins fan, I'm a huge proponent of the move. The Dolphins are cooked for this year and well into next year and getting a 2nd round draft pick for a guy who has been wildly inconsistent and has lacked the discipline and willpower to make himself better is great. When the year is done, they might as well do all they can to move Jason Taylor and if possible Zach Thomas to get any first-day draft picks and cut tons of money. That's about all that's of any value on the Phins sans Ronnie B. Further, let me announce to the world the official start of the Ted Ginn Jr. era in Miami and the kickoff of operation: Miami Tanking for #1 pick. Can't say it was the smartest pick but they did all I asked in avoiding Brady Quinn. He hasn't shown all that much although a 30 YPC average is quite impressive, albeit 3 receptions. Let's hope the kid pans out and all the critics can be silenced but I'm not holding my breath - we've had our fair share of disappointments. On another note, I'm still undecided whether it should be Andre Woodson, Tim Tebow, or Brian Brohm at #1 next year but I'm leaning toward Woodson.

Moving on, Week 6 was quite a recovery for me with the exception of the complete miss on the NE/Dallas game. So much for defense showing up. The Pats are just a machine and are playing football in its purest and most beautiful form.So here's the recap:

Couldn't have been more spot on with the Purple Jesus (Adrian Peterson), LDT, Tony Gonzalez, LJ, and Westbrook but it doesn't end there. I went out on a limb with Cleo Lemon and I think 4 TD's answers that question. I saw the Brees comeback on it's way and knew Engram could fill-in for Branch no questions asked. Not huge game for White, McGahee, Bush, or Wright but all had either a TD or 100 yards; can't complain about that kind of fantasy production. Even backed Greg Olsen and he pulled through. On the stay away half, you would have done fine to listen to me on Benson (obviously), Frerotte (like teh Ravens weren't gonna eat this guy up), Brian Leonard, and the top GB receivers as well as Matt Schaub, Tony Romo, Witten, Barber, and the mess of a running game in Oakland. Let's not forget the soon to be replaced Warrick Dunn.

Now that I'm done tooting my horn, I wasn't exactly perfect. Can't say Bobby Wade, Bryant Johnson, Colston, Northuctt, or Bowe did anything spectacular; heck, some barely bothered to show up. Missed the boat on Braylon Edwards, Steve Smith, and Houshy; although I'm sure none of you benched them on my advice (not even I did). Brady, Moss and the Patriots looked god-like, Norwood broke one big run to ruin my day, Thomas Jones found his gaps against the Eagles while Derek Anderson continued his breakout year ripping up the Dolphins formerly stellar secondary.

Overall, I ended the week 32-16-8 (the 8 pushes being due to borderline performance or unforeseen injury).
Pushes - Chambers, Vince Young, Warner, Ronald Curry, Nick Folk, Ocho Cinco, Jacobs, and Shockey.
I'll take 2 out of every 3 picks anytime for a nice 66% right on the week - much improved from the 50% of last week.

Also, went 7-4-2 against the spread; too bad I didn't lay down some bones.

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